At the end of 2010, hot on the heels of seeing her track "Control" released on one of French boutique label Kitsunes compilations - Nonno Drougge was close to signing a deal with a UK-based label. She had recently taken the stage name Nottee and was finally ready to see her music be unleashed on the world when the deal fell through.

Instead, in early 2011 Swedish indie label Emotion released Nottee's first songs in the form of two singles: "Don't Waste Your Light On Me" and "Share This". Those singles saw Emotion teaming her up with producer Henning Furst (a member of the highly influential, now defunct Swedish duo The Tough Alliance) - a partnership that continued on through to her debut album Side by Side, due out later in 2014.

Emotion suggested Henning mix my two singles, says Nottee. It felt so damn good. He was the only producer I had been paired up with who understood not to jump on the bandwagon of whatever sound is hot at the moment - but to stick to one?s unique sound.

Through working with Henning, Nottee has purified her sound. What started out as polishes and renderings of R&B and disco eventually turned into an eclectic hybrid. A reduction where pop music's excess force has gathered, without limitation, expressions from techno, bubblegum pop, italo and night-core into a unique new brew. What was left is music that craved forward motion, a record that looks towards the future and emphasizes in particular the inborn strength and scope of Nottee.

The result is a collection of songs that defy genre description - a collection of stories dressed in a contemporary apparel of melodies and instruments. Classic pop songs delivered in a modern way.

I do not think we sound like anything played on the radio today. We have made a pop album built on distinct impressions held together by my songs and Henning's unique production. The long-term goal is to constantly expand and bring in new influences into the music. It's a huge freedom, and not a limitation, making pop music.

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